Friday, July 15, 2016

Top Free Dofollow Infographics Submission sites list 2016 With Page Rank

Use of the free infographic Submission sites list is improving day by day and every internet marketing is using it for content marketing which is the really advanced way for online marketing. In today’s brilliant world learning about any thing is becoming more advanced and info graphics are the best way to teach and learn the right information easily.
There are so many high pr infographic submission websites which are the first choice of experts to submit an info graphics for showing their any good tutorial, new research about great data also visually.

Submitting info graphics in top most websites is really most fantastic form of content marketing and by doing this work we can get high pr back links also naturally. If you want to get huge traffic on your website then just make any good info graphic having quality information in it.
All those who are searching for the top and best websites for submission of info graphics to show their work in front of readers then use below mentioned list of sites for submission of infographic.
Sr. No Sites name Web Url PR Link Type
1 7 Follow
2 Slideshare 7 Link to website on profile is No Follow
3 Infographics Showcase 5 Follow – (anchor text = name)
4 Infographics Archive 5 Follow – (anchor text = url)
5 Reddit 4 No Follow
6 NerdGraph 4 Follow – (anchor text = url)
7 Love Infographics 4 No Follow
8 Submit Infographics 4 Follow – (anchor text = name)
9 The Infographics 3 Follow – (2) Image link and name
10 Infographix Directory 3 Follow – (anchor text = name)
11 Infographic Site 3 Follow – (anchor text = name)
12 Infgraphaholic 3 Follow (image link)
13 Infographic Post 3 Follow – Can provide embed code
14 Infographics Only 3 Follow – (anchor text = name)
15 Fuck yeah Infographics 0 Follow (custom anchor text)
16 Daily Statistic 3 Follow (2) – Custom anchor text
17 Best Infographics 2 Follow (anchor text = source)
18 OMG Infographics 2 Follow (anchor text = source)
19 NFOGFX 2 Follow (anchor text = source)

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