Thursday, September 3, 2015

Why Social Bookmarking Submission is important for Off page SEO?

At Present every website need to more traffic, more visitor and more impression by search engine, Very Important if you will get more visitor, your business or website will be popular and you can earn more money or business by your website. But drive to visit your website is not easy task and if you want to drive more visitor to your website you need to work on your website like social media promotion, On page SEO (use proper Meta title and meta description to each page) and off page SEO.

Today I am share about knowledge Bookmarking Submission and why Social Bookmarking Submission is very important for Off page SEO. Social Bookmarking Submission is one of the best off page activity of SEO and Simply Summit web page to bookmarking sites with relevant categories.
Why Social Bookmarking Submission is very Important for SEO?

  1. Dirve Treefic to Your Blog Or Websites - : As there are hundreds of social bookmarking sites on the Internet with a smart social bookmarking campaign can lead to thousands of people to your website. Better yet, most of this traffic is very targeted to your website and the topic of your niche. This means that people who come to your website is very interested in what you say, what you offer or what you sell on your site. This can make a big difference in the popularity of your website and profitability.
  2. Improve Website Page Rank and Backlinks -: Social bookmarking site is not just web sites on the Internet. Most of them have great value in the eyes of search engines. You can tell that by looking PageRank of most social bookmarking sites. The most popular have Page Rank of 4 or more, up to 8. Links to websites, these are very popular and well-organized source for links to their websites that will give you a good ranking in search engines, along with highly targeted traffic.
  3. Boost the popularity of the website or the blog-: Social bookmarking sites are edited by real people searching for these websites, check the content and rank up or down as they like. This means that your link, mail, or content become very popular on this site, your link or content may be viral – people will rank well, probably they will share on some of their blogs or social networking sites. Without a substantial effort on your part, your link, or email content is displayed on hundreds or thousands of other Web properties that will send you additional traffic. This is the main reason why social bookmarking is so powerful and interesting.
Therefore, if there is still no social bookmarking, its time to start delivering your blog or site to different social bookmarking websites favorite places and start receiving highly targeted traffic. Do let us give more reasons, Why do you social bookmarking site and how does it help your blog/website?